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Solar Geysres and why we should use them

South Africa has an abundance of sunshine, making it an ideal location for the use of solar energy. Solar geysers are one way that homeowners can harness this energy source to heat their water. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of solar geysers and why homeowners in South Africa should use Keeplumbers to install them.

Benefits of Solar Geysers

  1. Energy Efficiency: Solar geysers are highly energy efficient, reducing the amount of electricity or gas needed to heat water. This can result in significant cost savings on energy bills over time.

  2. Environmental Friendliness: Solar geysers are environmentally friendly, producing no greenhouse gas emissions or air pollutants. By using solar energy to heat water, homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint and help to protect the environment.

  3. Increased Property Value: Solar geysers can increase the value of a property, as they are considered a desirable feature by many homebuyers. This can make the installation of a solar geyser a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

  4. Reliability: Solar geysers are highly reliable, with few moving parts and a long lifespan. This can result in fewer maintenance requirements and a lower risk of breakdowns or malfunctions.

  5. Independence from Grid Power: Solar geysers can provide homeowners with independence from the grid power, making them less vulnerable to power outages or load shedding. This can be particularly beneficial in areas with unreliable power supply.

Solar Geysers

Why Use Keeplumbers to Install Solar Geysers?

  1. Experience: Keeplumbers has years of experience in the installation of solar geysers, ensuring that each installation is done correctly and to the highest standards.

  2. Quality Products: Keeplumbers uses only the highest quality products in their installations, ensuring that each solar geyser is built to last and performs at optimal levels.

  3. Customized Solutions: Keeplumbers offers customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each homeowner. They take into account factors such as the size of the household, hot water usage patterns, and available sunlight when designing and installing solar geysers.

  4. Expert Advice: Keeplumbers provides expert advice on the best solar geyser options for each homeowner, based on their individual needs and budget. They can also provide information on available rebates or incentives for solar geyser installations.

  5. Customer Satisfaction: Keeplumbers places a high priority on customer satisfaction, ensuring that each installation is completed to the homeowner’s satisfaction. They also offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that each solar geyser continues to perform at optimal levels.

  6. Warranty: Keeplumbers provides a warranty on all of their solar geyser installations, giving homeowners peace of mind and protection against any defects or issues that may arise.


Solar geysers offer a range of benefits for homeowners in South Africa, including energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, increased property value, reliability, and independence from grid power. Keeplumbers offers expert installation services for solar geysers, providing customized solutions, expert advice, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With years of experience, high-quality products, and a focus on quality and service, Keeplumbers is a top choice for homeowners looking to install solar geysers in South Africa.


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Excellent service. My geyser had burst and KeePlumbing Honeydew Ridge were quick to assist me with the installation of a new geyser. Well recommended! Keep it up!

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